About us

Cool Housewarming Gifts is the home of the most awesome housewarming gifts catalogue online. I started this site in my early 20’s when I found I was at a loss as to what were the best housewarming gift ideas to get my friends as they all started to leave their parent’s homes. I had absolutely no idea what to get them as a unique housewarming gift and nothing I found on the net was useful, so I decided to set up this website – CoolHousewarmingGifts.com.

I have spent countless hours of research on the net finding the coolest, most awesome, most unique, best housewarming gifts and put them into one easy to use, convenient location for you to find that perfect gift idea… which is right here!

Please note that while all of the gifts and ideas featured on the website are very cool, we do not sell any of the products directly. We do however receive a small commission for many of the items when purchased by our visitors.

We are constantly posting cool new gift ideas all the time so be sure to check back regularly and find that perfect gift for that loved one of yours that has just moved out!