Anti Spill Mug

non spillable unspillable anti spill mug

Anti Spill Mug

This is a really nice gift that you can give to someone who you think is a little bit clumsy or works where others are clumsy!

This is a product that is aptly named “Mighty Mug”

This is because you can’t spill your drinks with it.

No, really. You can’t, I have tried.

How it does this is?

It has a smart grip at the bottom of the mug and it lets you lift the mug effortlessly but doesn’t let it go sideways.

That means no spills.

And not only that, the double walls it has help keep the beverage at it’s temperature for longer.

And you can use this with or without the lid and the straw because the grip is what keeps it from spilling, not the top.

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