Candle By The Hour


Candle By The Hour

This is a really cool housewarming gift and something that is a great showpiece as well.

Candle by the hour is a candle that is gonna last a really long time for you since it is a really, really long candle wound around to make it smaller.

This candle extinguishes by itself when the flame reaches the clip so you don’t have to worry about burning the whole thing in one go.

Besides, this candle burns for 80 hours so even if you were to leave it out, you’d have to not notice it for more than two days!

Also, the candle is made entirely out of beeswax and a cotton wick.

After buying this, you’d have to have a year full of candlelight dinners before you have to buy a new one, haha!

The candle comes with a quality metal stand as well.

Even though the candle is horizontally intended to be used, there’s no reason you cannot use it vertically too.

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