Dog Feeding Reminder


Dog Feeding Reminder

This is a really great product for people that have pets and cannot keep up with whether they have fed them or not.

Dog Feeding Reminder is the answer in product for to the question, “Did you feed the dog?”

It is essential to keep the diet of your dog in control otherwise it can be detrimental to their health and lead to bad habits.

If you have trained your dog well then it might not ask you for food often and the perpetual stare at your food doesn’t really make one know if it’s time.

Sometimes you feed the dog and go out and when you come back you don’t remember if you’ve fed your dog or not.

To avoid any situation like this, just place this on the wall above which is your dog’s bowl and you’re set!

Every time you feed it, just move one of the sliders to make it green and you’re done.

It has a nice metallic finish to it and comes with mounting options(adhesive squares) so that you can put these anywhere you like.

It is a really great product to teach your kids about responsibility as well and maybe even yourself if you wanna keep more organised.

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