iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum



The iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum is an Best Seller!

The iRobot Roomba 780 is the perfect traditional housewarming gift for couples and singles alike, effortlessly taking the stress and effort out of keeping your new home clean! This housewarming gift gem uses a new advanced cleaning system and head, providing the most precise targeting of hair, dirt, dust and more.

The Dual HEPA filters work hard to trap all kinds of dirt, pet hair, dust, allergens and tiny particles leaving behind fresh, clean and hygienic air for you, your friends and family.


See the iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum in action here:


What else is included?i-robot-roomba

Out of the box, the iRobot includes a virtual wall lighthouses for enhanced room to room navigation.

How often can it clean?

The robot can be programmed to clean your house daily (seven times per week) and can go to work when you’re not even at home! You’ll also be happy to know it contains a 50% longer battery life than previous iRobot Roomba Models.




How much? $599.99



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