LED Word Clock



The LED Word Clock will change the way you see the time, literally.

The LED Word Clock is an awesome housewarming gift, perfect for that loved one of yours that appreciates minimalist style and elegant design.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional wall clocks that tick and display the time with hour and minute hands, the LED Word Clock displays the time in words. It shows the time in five minute intervals, illuminating the relevant word depending on the time. So for example, 10:55 would be displayed as “IT IS FIVE MINUTES TO ELEVEN”.

led-word-clockWho should I buy this for?

The LED Word Clock would be perfect for a bachelor, any proud owner of a man cave, any office owner or any one that loves simplistic and sexy elegance in their lives.

What’s the verdict?

We recommend buying the LED Word Clock for anyone that hates ugly design and cheap round clocks from their local IKEA. This gift will inspire awe and make a unique, and timeless addition to their home, no pun intended.


black-bigHow much? $109.95

Where from? Amazon.com


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