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The ultimate gift for Nintendo lovers!playing-nintendo-table

If you’re looking to give the most impressive of all housewarming gifts, reminiscent and dripping with 80’s nostalgia, then look no further than this novelty size Nintendo NES Table that doubles as an ACTUAL controller! Constructed from the finest walnut, maple and mahogany wood, finished with dovetail joinery and supported by mid century modern legs.

These tables truly are a piece of modern art, coming in both a functional and non-functional models. Whilst the functional model is higher in price, it has the added WOW factor of actually being able to play games! The non functional model still looks amazing and comes with the added bonus of a cheaper pricing tag (however, it can’t be used to play games).


The Specs:functional-nes-coffee-table

The table measures roughly 42″ length x 18.25″ width x 18″ height – making the perfect centrepiece for any living room, man cave, games room or office.

Our 2 cents:

Undoubtedly the the coolest of cool housewarming gifts, possibly the coolest we’ve ever seen here at Cool Housewarming Gifts! We’re giving this bad boy 5 Stars without any hesitation!

Who would we recommend this for?


This table makes the perfect addition to any guys bachelor pad, college guy, big kid or manly men looking to pimp out the new home.

How much? $3000
Where from?


Check out the lower priced sister model here.

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