Rainbow Pencils


Rainbow Pencils

These are a great housewarming gift for those with kids or who just enjoy being among rainbow colored things everyday!

The Rainbow Pencils are not those 7 colored pencils that change color after a certain time, nope.

These pencils are made from recycled paper and have a rainbow pattern on the inside.

So whenever you sharp these it forms little rainbows and not some messy wood.

Some people can create art with sharpenings from normal pencils and if you’re one of them, this takes your game to the next level.

The pencil is itself is not made of wood but rather recycled paper properly laid on top of each other and you wouldn’t require a special sharpener to sharpen them either.

These pencils are designed by British designer Duncan Shotton.

For the artsy ones, the pencils are the HB (#2) kind.

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