Tetris Lights





The Tetris Lights – the most addictive light ever. tetris-lights-lamp

The Tetris lights will hit you smack in the face with a healthy dose of nostalgia that will light up yours or your loved one’s room for years to come. One of our Top 10 Housewarming Gifts, this affordable blast from the past is an Amazon.com Best Seller… and with good reason!

The Tetris Lights are undeniably awesome and would make the perfect addition to a bachelor pad as a general housewarming gift for guys.

What are the specs?

The Tetris Lights feature seven interlocking Tetris pieces that can be stacked in any combination. This leaves you with unlimited possibilities as well as unlimited fun! The Tetris Lights turn on when the pieces and stacked together and turns off when they are disassembled.

Our final say?

Just like the Hot Dog Toaster and The Peanut Butter Maker, the Tetris Lights are a good idea for a housewarming gift!


How much? $59.95Print
Where from? Amazon.com


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