The Homemade Gin Kit


Homemade Gin Kit

This is an awesome gift that anyone starting out with brewing their own drinks would love.

The Homemade Gin Kit is what it sounds like, a kit that lets you make gin at home!

For a long time people have been brewing their own beer at home, so much so that they have their own market now.

Although this does not necessarily let you brew your own gin, it can turn your vodka into gin with little effort.

A great start for ones interested in mixology or how alcohol works at the very architectural level.

Coming with two glass bottles, a stainless steel strainer and a tin of a secret blend along with a tin of juniper berry blends, this kit is no joke.

This kit makes 750ml of homemade gin from a bottle of vodka that is 750 ml.

The entire process only takes 24 hrs. to complete so wait times are not months or weeks but just a single day.

A great addition to your man cave that you won’t regret!

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