The Perfect T Shirt Folder


The Perfect T Shirt Folder

The Perfect T Shirt Folder is the prefect housewarming gift idea for anyone that love to have the most picture perfect folded laundry. This gift is also great if you’re packing bags for your upcoming holidays or folding T Shirts for your hubby.

Don’t panic, if you can’t fold them neatly, because now with the help of the perfect T Shirt folder, you can. This T-shirt folder comes with full proof instructions and is made up of cardboard. This is not even expensive, because it is made up of recycled materials.

It measures 27*32 inch. So, why not make your husband happy by folding all his T-Shirts neatly and perfectly? You will love the look on his face when he sees, his hand bag packed with neatly folded T-Shirts.



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