Wireless Mini Keyboard With Touchpad

wireless mini keyboard with touchpad

Wireless Mini Keyboard With Touchpad

This is a really nice keyboard that is best for anyone who has a full fledged entertainment system in their living room.

People are unsubscribing from the normal cable service and switching to much better, and on demand entertainment systems.

I am one of those people, I have a mini computer hooked up to my LCD TV.

The way I control the setup is by using my pair of wireless keyboard and mouse.

The problem with that setup is, the keyboard is huge and you don’t know where the mouse is gonna go!

This is a real problem solver.

A wireless keyboard with a very small form factor, it is full QWERTY and even has the OS specific keys along with a touchpad.

Having a Li-ion battery that lasts from 2 – 3 weeks or longer.

Has a neat little pocket to keep the USB dongle in.

Arrow keys and a little low power laser on the side for no reason whatsoever that I can think of!

Also, it fits in your pocket, that means this is just a very highly advanced TV remote in a way!

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