Add A Lock – The Portable Lock System


Take a door lock with you that installs in seconds, no tools needed!

The Add A Lock is a seriously cool housewarming gift that will revolutionise and drastically add more privacy and security to your life. This is a great housewarming gift idea for any privacy loving friend or family member in your life that is moving into a new home that doesn’t have locks on the doors, and isn’t able to install a lock system due to landlord and rental conditions. The Add A Lock is a fully, 100% portable door lock that can be taken anywhere and installs within seconds, without any tools required, whatsoever!

How does this portable lock work?

The Add A Lock can be used on absolutely any door in your life, all that the door needs is a handle (easy!) and hinges that open inwards. Getting this innovative security system up and running is a simple six step process, which comes included in the box!

portable-lockWill the Add A Lock work on my door?

Before buying the Add A Lock it is important that your check to see that the door or doors you plan to install it on have hinges that open inwards, as well as a handle. If these criteria are met, you’re in business! If you’re planning on giving this as a housewarming gift to a loved one you can sleep easy knowing that this great device works on nearly every door that meets these easy to fulfil criteria.

Who would this be a good housewarming gift for?

The Add A Lock is an affordable housewarming gift that would be perfect for that loved one of yours that has moved into a share home, share house or is a global traveller that loves to see the world but also loves their privacy.

buy-nowHow much? $21.95

Where from?


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