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The Lying Down Laptop Desk is the solution to your late night internet binges!

The Lying Down Laptop Desk is the solution to all of your wildest laptop usage dreams! If you spend countless hours in the home office you’ve ever found yourself with lower back pain as a result of sitting down and searching the net on your laptop at your desk for hours on end, then the Lying Down Laptop Desk is for your.laptop-desk-for-bed If you’ve ever found yourself sitting in bed wishing you could lie down horizontally, in an ergonomic fashion and still surf the net, play computer games or read from your laptop without hurting or straining yourself, then the Lying Down Laptop Desk is for you.

You can also bet that if you’ve been having these thoughts and desires, then your friends and family have too, making the Lying Down Laptop Desk an unique and thoughtful housewarming gift! Can you imagine if you were the one receiving this awesome gift when moving into your new home? You would ecstatic and anticipating bed time, wishing it would tick around faster.

What are the specs of the Lying Down Laptop Desk?

This creative and smart desk has been ergonomically designed with the consumer’s comfort and enjoyment at the top of their list. The Lying Down Laptop Desk comes in the colour black, and measures 1.5″H x 16″W x 11″D.

As mentioned above, this laptop desk allows its user to completely recline and lie down flat while work, surfing or playing on your laptop. It also allows this to happen without getting you legs burnt by the heat of the laptop battery! Talk about a bonus.

The desk is highly customisable and adjustable, so one size will fit all!


black-bigHow much? $54.65

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