Built In Straw Spoon


Built In Straw Spoon

This is a really cool housewarming gift, an idea so simple, yet something that nobody had thought of until now!

The Built In Straw Spoon is a two in one spoon and straw.

If you’re one of those people that like to enjoy the cereal flavoured milk separately and their cereal spongy, this might be the best thing for you.

This strawpoon(As I like to call it!) set comes with 6 units of the product in 6 different colours to ensure that not just you, but everybody in your family gets enjoy this product.

This funny housewarming gift is sure to crack a smile to anyone you gift it to or if you buy it, you’ll be smiling all day thinking about this stupidly clever masterpiece of innovation in something as simple and traditional as spoons!

Also, these are made of top quality, BPA and toxin free, FDA approved plastic so you don’t have to worry about buying a cheapo that smells of plastic after the first wash.

And speaking of wash, these spoons are also dishwasher safe!

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