Cologne Wipes For Men


Cologne Wipes For Men

This is one of those things that every gentleman has to have in their wallet at all times alongside the you-know-what.

The Swago Cologne Wipes For Men is a really different product, something that has been around for a while but this brand is breathing new life to this.

These wipes work like any wipes but they smell like cologne and this company has done a really great job of labeling them.

Rather than having different smells under some name you can’t pronounce and probably have no idea what it means, these are labelled by how you wanna smell.

They come in 4 scents; Smell Like a: Legend, Champ, VIP and Gentleman.

These are really great for people who travel because they save a ton of space and you can just apply these in one go.

As they’re one use for each wipe, you do not have to worry about over-applicating cologne on yourself.

The box above contains 20 wipes and has 5 of each scent but there are other options available as well in 20, 40 and 100 packs.

It has gotten a staggering 93% 5 star rating and it is definitely worth a try!

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