Cat Scratch Turntable


Housewarming? Let their Cat by the DJ!

Who knew the friendly household feline was actually a secret DJ? Your cat will enjoy hours of entertainment with this fluffy DJ deck while they sharpen their claws and get some great exercise in at the same time! You and your friends will also have the added benefit of being able to watch your furry friend give Skrillex a run for his money at every party your friend’s host at their new humble abode.cute-cat-dj

Their carpet will thank you for it – and so will they!

Toys like this act as the perfect outlet for cats to entertain their natural urge of scratching to groom themselves- not only is the Cat Scratch Turntable an adorable housewarming gift, it is also one that will save their carpet from damage in the future as cats will stay preoccupied with this toy rather than with the rest of the house!

Our 2 cents:

It’s pretty much the coolest cat toy we’ve ever seen, and it makes the perfect unique housewarming gift for your friend’s who have a furry four legged friend they love dearly.

And whilst the a lot of practice on the Cat Scratch Turntable doesn’t mean their cat will become an EDM DJ pro ready for their next party or gathering, it does provide for a cute novelty and conversation starter for years to come.

Who would we recommend this for?

This is the Purrrfect housewarming gift for any cat loving couple or friend, guaranteed to put a smile on their face!

How much? $24.99Print
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