Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass


The Ultimate way to drink wine!

You won’t have to share your bottle of red or white with anyone with the Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass for one! This awesome housewarming gift for him or her fits a whole 750ml bottle of wine effortlessly, adding class and novelty with every sip!ultimate-wine-bottle-glass

It’s like having your very own bottomless glass!

It comes clean and clear out of the box, all you need to do is give it a quick rinse (for hygiene of course!). Then simply uncork or unscrew your favourite drop of vino and poor into 11.5 inch tall wine bottle glass and you’re good to go! You won’t ever need to waste time refilling your glass because you’ll be full and ready to go all the time… that is until you’re ready for your next bottle…*

*coolhousewarminggifts.com encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol at all times.

The Specs:

This ultimate wine bottle glass is possibly the coolest housewarming gift for anyone that loves a glass of wine (or five!). As mentioned above it will hold one full glass of wine (up to 750ml) and stands 11.5 inches tall.

Our 2c’s:

The perfect gift to stop sneaky friends stealing a sip of your favourite drop of wine at any party or gathering… not to mention you’re guaranteed to bring a bunch of smiles and laughs to anyone who see’s you drinking from it!

How much? $15.99
Where from? Amazon.com


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