Cat Scratch Turntable

Cat Scratch Turntable

Housewarming? Let their Cat by the DJ! Who knew the friendly household feline was actually a secret DJ? Your cat will enjoy hours of entertainment with this fluffy DJ deck while they sharpen their claws and get some great exercise in at the same time! You and … Read more

We can only guess what bought you here. You’re a mom, or no, you’re a dad, or maybe you’re the best friend of that couple that just decided to take the next step in their relationship and move into together.

No matter what your relationship, and no matter what you think about this big step these two people have decided to take with each other, you don’t want to be that guy, gal, dude, dudette, mamma or papa that rocks up at their housewarming party with out a gift!

Maybe you’re not ready to buy them anything yet and you’ve just started browsing the inter-webs to find get your creative juices flowing? Either way, has some of the very best housewarming gift ideas for couple that are sure to get your brain into gear and inspire you to get the two love birds something special for their new home… whether you approve of their life move or not!

If you still can’t find a housewarming gift idea for couple under this category, we have a bunch of other great housewarming gifts in the other areas of our website which will be certain to help you find that perfect something to bring that favourite guy and gal duo of yours!