Coffee Table Aquarium


Fish lovers, rejoice!

Looking to find the most awesome, way over the top, extravagant, nek level gift for that friend of yours that just LOVES tropical fish and the art behind owning them as pets? Then the Coffee Table Aquarium is just what you’re looking for.

Is it functional?

Not only does this aquarium safely nourish and provide a home for the most exotic (or plain – nothing wrong with a gold fish!) fish, it also acts as a functional and stylish coffee table that will act as the perfect centrepiece for any living room or bachelor pad!



What does it come with?

The Coffee Table Aquarium plugs straight into an AC power point, complete with an access panel in its base which will allow you to effortlessly reach all its crucial components while keeping it hidden and not detracting from the tank’s aesthetics.


The aquarium also comes complete with decorative sea plants, lighting, filtration pumps and everything else you could image you would need to provide a home for your little gilled friends!

How do you feed the fish?

To feed the fish you simply reach into the gap underneath the top of the table.

Our Two Cents:

Make your fish loving friend’s day and complete their new home with this unique housewarming gift which they won’t stop raving on about!

How much? $675

Where from?


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