Spin the Shot



Let the drinking begin!

Looking to get the fun started at your friends housewarming party? Then look no further than the Spin The Shot Drinking Game! This awesome housewarming gift for guys, girls and couples alike is sure to get head’s spinning (literally) when it’s whipped out to get the good times rolling!


How does it work?spin-the-shot-drinking-game

Simply break into your friends liquor cabinet (or be a good bloke and bring your own), get a bunch of friends around a table in a circle, fill up the shot glass and spin! Whoever the arrow lands on drinks! Play for one or 20 rounds or more, no matter what your goal is its sure to end up giving you a night to remember!


What are the specs?

The shot glass comes included and is equal to one standard shot. You can get inventive and replace the shot out of the box with anything from your liquor cabinet if you’re feeling creative.


What are people saying about this product on Amazon.com?

After reviewing the comments made on Amazon.com, the Spin the Shot Glass game has received a resounding amount of 5/5 star reviews!

  • “This item does exactly what it was meant to do. Get people drunk LOL. It’s nicely weighted so we haven’t had a shot spill yet.” 
  • “it works perfectly fine and it’s fun. It looks as pictured as well. Also, the shot doesn’t shake or anything when u spin it. Make sure you use on a flat surface.”
  • “No surprise here. You put a shot glass on top and spin it. The lucky person takes a shot. Boom.” 


Who would this be a good gift for?

The Spin the Shot Glass housewarming gift idea would be the perfect addition to any bachelor pad, man cave, or new home who’s owner’s like to party!


How much? $9.99

Where from? Amazon.com


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