Colour Changing LED Shower Head


Turn your shower time into a party!

Transform your morning showers into a party experience with the Colour Changing LED Shower Head! No batteries or power is needed for this super neat gift as it transforms water pressure into power, turning your showering into a exciting array of colours… this cool housewarming gift will ensure shower time will never be boring again!

How does it work?led-shower-head

This awesome gift harnesses the momentum of water flow through the shower hose to create hydro energy, resulting in an unlimited power supply for your raving shower needs!

Is it hard to install?

Installing the Colour Changing LED Shower Head is as is easy one, two, three, four! One; simply unpack the gift from its shipping box and remove the protective packaging. Two; unscrew the current shower head from the hose connected to the wall. Three; screw in your brand new LED shower head until comfortably tight. Four, lose those clothes and get that water temperature to that perfect level to compliment the array of colour that will now be making your bathing time the most fun ever!

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Should I gift this item?

The answer is an undeniable YES! But if you’re still having doubts, check out the latest reviews for this product on Amazon here, if you were on the fence before reading this, you will definitely be off it after!


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