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Are you or your friends OCD?ocd-cutting-board

Is your friend super neat, super tidy, extremely hygienic and has a specific spot and position for every item that they own? If the answer is yes, then there is no doubt their desire for every to be “perfect” extends to their time in the kitchen! Bring a delight to their cooking life with the OCD Cutting Board…  it’s the ultimate gift for that obsessive compulsive friend of yours that has to have everything in a certain way, every time.


Preparing food never looked so OCD! 

Revolutionise the enjoyment in the kitchen for the anal retentive chef with this beautiful, hygienic and varnished cutting board which looks like something out of Year 10 math class!

It features ingrained measurements, lines and cutting guides to suite every pattern, shape, length and angle you could ever want to cut into your food!

the-ocd-chef-cutting-boardWhat’s it made out of?

The OCD Cutting Board is constructed from the finest bamboo and is etched and engrained with the measurements and markings so they won’t rub off or erased when washed… and more importantly won’t run or leak ink into your food! Hygiene bonus + 5!


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What’s the verdict? 

It’s pretty simple… if your friend is even a little on the obsessive compulsive side, then the OCD Cutting Board is the perfect housewarming gift for them!



How much? $25.00

Where from? Amazon.com

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