Fold Up Cheese Grater


Save space with the Fold Up Cheese Grater!

The Fold Up Cheese Grater is an awesome kitchen gadget and unique housewarming gift, perfect for that loved one of yours that has just moved into a small apartment, or for anyone that want’s to save space in their kitchen!

How doe the Fold Up Cheese Grater work?

This wicked kitchen hack saves shelving space that your conventional cheese grater would selfishly take up. How does it do this? By folding up for flat storage of course! The cheese graters comes with four sides that fold and collapse on top of each other when you’re done grating up your favourite cheese.

fold-up-cheese-grater-colourWhat are the specs?

The Fold Up Cheese Grater comes in four colours; red, white, lime and black (see photo on the right).

The grater contains both course fine and course blades made from the finest The Fold Up Cheese Grater will effortlessly grate cheese, vegetables and even nuts without any struggle whatsoever!

Is this cheese grater dishwasher safe?

Oh you bet it is. We know that people are always looking for a shortcut, and whether you’re buying this cheese grater as an affordable housewarming gift for a loved one or for yourself, you can rest at night knowing that you wont have to spend hours cleaning out every hole that has cheese in it. The Fold Up Cheese Grater fits easily into your dishwasher and also has the added benefit of taking up hardly any space!

Who would this housewarming gift be good for?

Let’s face it, traditional cheese graters take up way too much space, are hard to use, aren’t dishwasher safe and are overall just a pain in the butt to use! The Folding Cheese Grater is a perfect housewarming gift idea for anyone looking to escape the drama that is involved with using an oldschool grater, whether it be for yourself, or for a loved one!


buy-nowHow much? $23.95

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