Foot Rest Hammock



The Foot Rest Hammock will improve both your posture and your comfort!

You and your friends are hard workers, you know it, they know it and we know it. The Foot Rest Hammock is an affordable housewarming gift that will be used daily by that lucky loved on of yours that receives it.

What’s are the specs?

The hammock secures itself to both ends of your desk and is 100% customisable and adjustable, allowing anyone of any size to sit back, relax and enjoy the ergonomic improvements to their office or man cave arrangement.

This must have for any bachelor pad is made out of polyethylene, steel and hinoki cypress, making it durable and lasts longer than one use!

What colors does the Foot Rest Hammock come in?

It also comes in 6 awesome colours, including; Orange, Navy, Green, Pink, Yellow and White.




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