Cool Housewarming Gifts For Your Friends & Family

Laser Projection Keyboard

Laser Projection Keyboard

Bring the home office into the future! You are looking at the future of the home office – the Laser Projection Keyboard. This is by far one of the coolest of cool housewarming gifts we have featured to date on our site. This keyboard has … Read more

Nintendo NES Table

Nintendo NES Table

The ultimate gift for Nintendo lovers! If you’re looking to give the most impressive of all housewarming gifts, reminiscent and dripping with 80’s nostalgia, then look no further than this novelty size Nintendo NES Table that doubles as an ACTUAL controller! Constructed from the finest walnut, … Read more

There’s nothing quite as cool as surprising your friends and family with a housewarming gift to welcome them to their new home. Whether they’ve moved into a new apartment, house, home, bachelor pad, man cave or humble abode – the feeling of excitement when they receive a cool housewarming gift is always the same.

About Cool Housewarming Gifts

When I was nearing my mid-twenties my friends had pretty much all started moving out of their parent’s place and getting their very own awesome places to live. With every new home and housewarming party I was invited to, I became stuck on what to get them as a housewarming gift!

All I knew was that I wanted to find my family a gift that was both unique and memorable. Similarly, I wanted to find my friends a housewarming gift that was either awesome, funny or cool (it also had to complement their bachelor pad or man cave as well!) The problem was, no matter where I looked, or how hard I searched... I couldn’t find anywhere online that could solve this problem for me in one. There was nowhere online that understood that special feeling you get when you give a housewarming gifts to your friends and family once they have moved into their new home.

That’s why I decided to create - I wanted to solve the problem that I faced when searching for housewarming gift ideas. I wanted to create one single place where anyone could come to get ideas and inspiration for cool housewarming gifts for their friends and family. Not to mention, I also wanted this place to take the stress out of finding that perfect gift. Looking back at how far we’ve come, I’m happy to say that I think we’ve been able to do just that.

The Home of Housewarming Gifts

I have searched all over the Internet to bring you the latest, coolest and most awesome housewarming gifts to so you never have to look anywhere else.

Do you want to actually get your mates something that they will be proud to show off, display and actually use in their new home?

So often I’ve seen people give housewarming gifts that are mediocre, bland, boring, junky and not thoughtful in the slightest. That’s why I created I wanted to put an end to the terrible practice that is rapid in our society where people continually give terrible, dust collecting housewarming gifts that should have never had money wasted on them in the first place.

Have you been searching the Internet, clicking away, far and wide to find the best housewarming gift for that close friend or family member of yours, but seem to be having absolutely no luck everywhere you turn? Are you in a rush to find, browse and buy only the very best housewarming gift that is going to be the most amazing, head turning, joy giving, wide teeth, crow’s feet under the eyes giving smile making present of all time? Then you search is over.

I have personally spent hours upon hours searching the internet high and low to bring you the very best catalogue of housewarming gifts that your friends will actually want to use, display, show off and have fun with!

Within this domain, we have put together a list of only the best of the best housewarming gifts from every category on our website. We have a gift for everyone with items and products that would be perfect for any dining room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, mantle piece, fireplace, bedroom, man cave, cake room, games room, bachelor pad, music room and really any room under the sun that you can imagine! Whether it be the awesome mood altering Colour Changing LED Shower Heads, or an OCD Cutting Board perfect for that obsessive compulsive friend of yours thought or the Ultimate Wine Glass Bottle which is perfect for that guy or gal that takes their wine drinking very, very seriously, there is no doubt in our minds that you will be able to find what you are looking for here, at the most completive and affordable of prices here at our website.

So whatever your friends tastes, whatever their preference, rest assured you’ll find housewarming gift ideas they’ll love with all their heart at

Happy housewarming gifting!