Personal Motion Activated Alarm


Personal Motion Activated Alarm

This is a really nice gift that would be great for a home with many housemates or little cookie monsters!

A Personal Motion Activated Alarm  might be exactly what you need if your things keep getting stolen in the house.

OR, if you have little kids  that are not allowed to have cookies or take something that you don’t don’t them to.

In any case, this is the perfect thing to catch the perpetrator and serve some cold hard justice!

Now, how does it work?

The device sends a notification as soon as it is moved. And, yes, that means it has apps for both iOS and Android.

A coin cell battery keeps it alive for up to three months  and it sticks to your stuff with a magnetised back or hangs with a lanyard.

It comes in five colors, red, yellow, green, orange and blue.

It is one of the most innovative things that we have seen on CHG.

You can use it for anything, it really depends  on you how you wanna use it.

Pro tip : If you have a troublesome pet, use this to keep your important stuff from it.

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