USB Handwarmers


USB Handwarmers

This is a really cute and cool housewarming gift and would make for the best holiday gift for anyone living up north!

These USB handwarmers, unlike any other handwarmers, not only look cute but work fantastically as well.

These come with adjustable hand straps to adjust best to your hands so you don’t have to worry if your hands are perhaps too large for these snugly little things.

Also, one of the best things about this is that you can adjust the temperature for them to suit you best.

Even if you have them turned off they look cool as heck as a hand accessory, don’t mind the weird looks.

You can also detach the wire if you feel like they are gonna stay warm for a while for you.

You can type with these on so you don’t have to think twice before taking them to work.

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