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Say hello to the Self Stirring Mug!

The Self Stirring Mug is the perfect housewarming gift for that friend or loved on of yours that needs a hit of their favourite beverage every morning before work (be it coffee, chocolate powder, Milo or whatever!)  This cool housewarming gift is perfect for the busy morning traveller and features self stirring button technology that will automatically stir your coffee (or other choice of drink) and anything you choose to add to it!

This device is as useful as it is affordable and cheap, making it an affordable housewarming gift that won’t break the bank but will definitely brighten the recipients’ morning routine!



Is it safe to travel in the car with?

Buckle up and relax knowing that the self stirring mug will not spill any where within you car due to its air tight lid, which prevents unwanted spills and splashes! The lid is also awesome because it keeps your drink warmer for extended periods of time, meaning that every sip you take won’t lose temperature or enjoyment due to time spent in traffic!


How much can the Mug hold?

The self stirring mug can hold roughly 8 ounces of liquid, and is 105mm in size.


Our 2 cents:

If you’re still uming and aring for ideas for housewarming gifts, the self stirring mug is the solution to your indecision! It’s cool, its useful and it will be used day in and day out by multiple members of the family, because lets face it, who doesn’t love their morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate?! If we were making the decision for you right now, we’d already have clicked the check it out button below!


How much? $19.99

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