Toilet Brush Gun



Murder those poo stains with the Toilet Brush Gun!gun-toilet-brush

By far one of our funniest and affordable housewarming gifts, the Toilet Brush Gun will motivate any guest with bad manners to clean the toilet once their done with their Number Two poo! This cheap housewarming gift is an excellent gag present that will actually get used in the future by your lucky friend or loved one!


What does the Toilet Brush Gun come with?

The Toilet Brush Gun comes with a gun holster (to catch all of the yucky bits and excess liquid) as well as a long reaching brush and pistol handle so you can murder those poo stains without inflicting any collateral damage to your arm or hands!


How much is it? $19.99

This gag of a housewarming gift won’t break the bank and will only set you back $19.99!


Where can I get one?

The Toilet Brush Gun can be purchased on, by clicking here.






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