Shower Wipes


Shower Wipes

This is a really cool housewarming gift for people who go for outdoor activities and travel or do not have time for shower.

Shower Wipes is a new concept that was in front of everybody the entire time but no one ever went through with it.

These are made by a startup lets you get the same amount of cleanliness and freshness as a shower would.

For people who do not always have time to shower or for campers and the like for whom it is not really feasible to shower anywhere this is a miracle.

These shower wipes are really huge and very thick, much like a wet towel but not nearly heavy.

These are unscented to make them all natural thus most people would not be allergic to the solution in it.

The solution contains Aloe and Vitamin-E which is not a problem for most and wouldn’t be considered an allergen in general.

You never know what situation you might find yourself in and having a shower isn’t always the most feasible solution.

These shower wipes are gonna save you from just those and their official name speaks to mind just that.

‘Quick Dude Shower’, which I like to read as, ‘Quick, Dude, Shower!’ haha!

Made by a bunch of dudes living in an apartment in Chicago so they know first hand how showering is not the most realistic of options.

Also, the product is made entirely in the USA manufactured using solar energy so you can be sure of its quality and environmental impact.

In case you’re wondering about the specifics or the dimensions of the wipes themselves then each wipe is 8 inches by 10 inches.

They have a subscription option for it on Amazon and I highly suggest that you try it, you won’t regret going for this.

It hasn’t got a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon for nothing.

And don’t worry, in case you hate the product, they have a money back guarantee so it isn’t gonna hurt at all to try!

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