USB Wall Socket


The USB Wall Socket means you’ll never need an adapter again!

Gone are the days you would spend hours searching for a USB adapter for the wall so that you could charge your iPhone or iPad. The USB Wall Socket is one of our Top 10 Housewarming Gifts, and rightly so! It installs effortlessly into your existing power socket for the wall and allows you to charge any USB powered device directly from the wall, no adapters needed here!


What are its features?

The USB Wall Socket charges up to 4 electronic devices at once, which consists of 2 USB powered device sand 2 standard electronic devices. The USB Wall Socket’s patented auto shut off technology allows it to automatically shut off when the connected device is fully charged, saving you money on electricity while simultaneously extending the lifespan of rechargeable devices.


usb-wall-socketDo I need an electrician to install it?

No not at all! The USB Wall Socket comes with simple, illustrated instructions that make the installation process as simple as it is free!


Our thoughts?

This isn’t a Top 10 Housewarming Gift for no reason, the USB Wall Socket is a such a unique housewarming gift which is so useful and handy, your friends will love you for it and no doubt ask you where you found such a cool device!


How much? $36.57black-big

Where from?




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