Toaster With Egg Poacher



Introducing the Toaster with Egg Poacher!

The Toaster with Egg Poacher is an affordable housewarming gift which will save you time, effort and make breakfast an activity you could breeze through with your eye’s closed! The Toaster with Egg Poacher is exactly what it sounds like, its an awesome toaster that will cook your bread to toasty perfection while simultaneously poaching you a delicious egg. This means you’ll have a delicious and nutritious breakfast classic in minutes, without any of the mess… yum!


How does it work?

To operate this awesome housewarming gift, simply add two tablespoons of water to the heating tray wit the measuring cup (which comes included) and then lightly coat the poaching tray with a non stick cooking spray. Then you simply drop the egg in, pop in your bread or muffins and voila! Your meal will be ready within minutes with no effort at all!

Our two cents:

This is an awesome and cheap housewarming gift idea that will be used at breakfast time for years to come. With its stylish matte black and stainless steal finish, this toaster will fit perfectly into even the most OCD kitchens!


PrintHow much? $42.99

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