Camera Lens Mug


The Camera Lens Mug is on pointcamera-lens-car-mug

Why settle with buying a plain and boring travel mug when you can buy the unique Camera Lens Mug? This travel mug is so realistic, it could fool even the most seasoned of photographers for a real DSLR camera lens!

Speaking of photographers, this would be the best housewarming gift for any of you friends or loved ones that have shown interest in photography or enjoy taking photos as a hobby!


An awesome housewarming gift idea camera-lens-travel-mug

Not only is this housewarming gift cheap and unique, it is also super useful. Apart from making a great addition to your desk at work, the Camera Lens Mug insulates 12 ounces of hot or cold beverages within its stainless steel interior. It also comes with a seal tight lid complete with an sipper which can be opened or closed, keeping your drink in the mug and off your shirt, even in the bumpiest of car rides!


Should I gift this item?

If you’re still unsure, consider the Camera Lens Mug’s price, only $12.99 and its 4 from 5 star review average from 89 customers on This is definitely an awesome housewarming gift idea.


How much? $12.99buy-now

Where from?


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