The Big Butt Book 3D


The perfect gift for any bachelor pad!


Consider The Big Butt Book 3D the perfect gift for any bachelor that seems to have it all. The book definitely will not disappoint with its perfectly delectable derrieres bouncing their beautiful bumps off the page and into the third dimension… they even sway from side to side every time you turn the page!

Just like the Big Book of Breasts 3-DThe Big Book of Pussy 3D and The Big Penis Book 3Doriginal black and white photos have been transformed into beautiful real life 3D by the author! The author’s team have done such an amazing job of converting these images to 3D that they are minimally affected when viewed normally on the page, but JUMP out at you when you put on your red and blue anaglyph glasses (which come included with the book!)


3d-butt-bookWhat’s inside?

Your favourite bachelor will find an amazing selection of female butts, bums, tushes, derrieres and bottoms which will inspire feelings of awe, excitement, gratitude, desire and probably most of all, laughter! The book contains 110 of these beautiful masterpieces, many not seen in the original big butt book! You will also receive your own pair of red and blue 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure!

Never again will your favourite bachelor and his friends have to settle for looking at 2D butts in print in their man cave again!


Our thoughts?

This gift is the perfect novelty, guaranteed to put a smile on the dial of the recipient, as well as everyone that comes across it during their time in your friend’s new home!




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