Silk Suit Pyjamas


The Silk Suit Pyjamas are a must have for any bachelor

The Official How I Met Your Mother Suit Pyjamas are the perfect housewarming gift for guys that have it all… why should they limit their level of swag to the day time when the can look just as awesome in their dreams?!


What are they made from? 

The Suit Pyjamas, made famous by the one and only LEGENDARY Barney Stinson from the widely successful sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” are made from silk and are complemented by hook and eye closure. They are made from a silk / cotton blend and are optimised for the most amazing comfort and breathability. We also hear they are extremely easy to disrobe from, should pressing and urgent issues happen to strike its wearer while in bed 😉 This is a must buy gift for any self respecting man’s man cave!


Are the Pyjamas comfortable to sleep in?suit-pjs

DUH! We just said they are made from a silk and cotton blend, so they are maximised for breathability and comfort! 


Guaranteed to boost Awesomeness!

WARNING! The Suit Pyjamas are 100% guaranteed to boost the wearer’s level of awesomeness based purely on their aesthetics alone… but if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the suitjamas also come with a built in Emergency Contraceptive Department (ECP) inside the suit section of the jacket… so the suitjamas owner will never get themselves stuck in a sticky situation ever again! 



The suitjamas, the most awesome addition to any bachelor pad may also result in chart breaking levels of extreme sexiness and swag.


How much? $99.95

Where from?


Complimentary Products:

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